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Our Goals

Our Principal Consultant, Tray Deadwyler, has over 16 years of service within the nonprofit sector with the majority of his tenure supporting the National Service Movement. From growing the national service portfolio at Points of Light Foundation to co-creating innovative community interventions through Think For Good, he has been able to harness the various forms of philanthropy to empower individuals and organizations to take action within communities. His civic transcript has spanned such organizations as the American Red Cross, Atlanta Police Department, and HandsOn Georgia. Tray has created numerous member and staff development plans for projects and initiatives in areas such as Education, Veteran/ Military Families, Nonprofit Capacity Building, Financial Literacy, Opportunity Youth, and Disaster Mitigation.

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Our Process

Our work together begins with a discovery meeting, where we get to know one another and learn your needs, challenges, and goals to inform a customized plan. The personalized content will remain the same, but the delivery method is up to you:


We conduct one-to-two hour sessions that can be for individuals or for groups, and are customized based on your needs and desired outcomes.


We facilitate one-to-two hour workshops and workshop series for groups of all sizes who want to learn together and create a community of learning and practice.


Our virtual courses are available for anyone who wants the above learnings in a digital format where they can learn at their own pace.

Open Source Principles adapted for Community Development:

What clients say

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The Service Nerd is Education. Leadership. Collaboration.

We invite you to join the community of artists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, social workers, activists, and other do-gooders to create innovative community projects and interventions. If you’re ready to start moving, book some time with us.

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